Club des Cordeliers

May 26

#NATO hyped #Srebrenica massacre to justify war. An atrocity, among many, but hardly genocide. #mladic

May 25

Proposed legislation gives President unchecked authority to wage perpetual war.

May 24

“Democracy movement” in #Syria is mainly led by the Muslim Brothers, including diehard Salafi Islamists.

May 23

Outstanding photomontage as video for Amal Murkus song La Ahada Yalam #Palestine #BDS

May 22

Asia Times: Given unfavorable events, area 10s of 1000s of sq km could turn into nuclear wasteland #Fukushima

May 21

Irony: Ron Rosenbaum, defender of Israel’s war crimes, trashes #BobDylan for playing in China

May 19

"Bombing peace conference of #Libya religious leaders shows how much #NATO is threatened by any chance of a ceasefire"

May 14

RT @Antiwar2: Philadelphia MOVE Bombing Still Haunts Survivors #Move #nowar

May 13

RT @lockean: Whistleblowing’s D-Day is approaching and the troops are still fighting over the vehicle of delivery.

May 12

Lowry, Engel nail Jaczko on ludicrous 10-mile evacuation plan for Indian Point. #nonukes